Book One Chapter 12

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The committee had assembled this time in the New York City office. The members having flown in from various points from around the world. They waited in a large room that was remarkably comfortable, complete with a large wet bar, seven large screen plasma televisions, a pool table and several all leather sectional couches.  Some members of the committee were talking with each other or watching the news and stock reports.  Others of the committee were on their phones conducting business either for the committee or for the companies they owned or governments they worked for. The double doors to one side of the room opened and Robert walked into the waiting room and announced.

“The chairman is now ready for you.”

Those people who were talking on their phones quickly wrapped up their conversations, knowing that the chairman did not like to be kept waiting. As the members were escorted into the conference room each person left any electronic devices that they may have in their possession on top of their other belongings. All of these technical possessions had to remain outside of the meeting room. Each individual person was scanned for eavesdropping devices as they entered the conference room. No one dared to attempt to spy on the chairman. They had heard the rumors about how he had dealt with a member who attempted to betray him, and the result was gruesome.

Robert remained in the waiting room to monitor their belongings. As the last member entered the room and took her seat, Robert closed the double doors behind her. When the doors closed the lights automatically dimmed and the white noise generators started. The Chairman did not take any chances; he went above and beyond to ensure that his discussions would be confidential.

The conference room was in stark contrast to the waiting room.  It was utilitarian in nature, the same room in which they had met to discuss how to take down the XSR-28 so the site in China would remain secret.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice.  We have much to discuss,” the chairman announced. His voice sounded deep and hollow. “There have been a number of developments with one of our projects in China.”

“Which project and what sort of developments?” asked the man to the Chairman’s left.

“Project China seventeen.  The very one that Mr. Six and Mr. Nine were to help our Chinese partners to keep quiet, Mr. Twelve,” said the Chairman addressing the man.

“Mr. Chairman?” interjected a woman in her mid-fifties with graying hair and a harden face, located further down the table.

“Yes Mrs. Seven.”

“We reviewed General Wong’s plan with regards to the XSR-28.  What went wrong?”

“From the report I read, he failed to launch his fighters before the XSR-28 entered into the area.  He launched his fighters as the XSR-28 entered the area, thus giving away the position of our facility. Nor did the fighters engage in combat except to fire off their missiles. The General was overconfident and failed to utilize the data that Mr. Six and Mr. Nine provided for him.”

“How sure are you that the facility has been compromised?” asked another woman, this one younger and she spoke with a French accent.

“Because the marines are most likely going in to investigate, Mrs. Five,” replied the chairman.

“Do we know what exactly the Marines are going to do, and when?” asked Mrs. Five.

“They are planning to do a reconnaissance mission with the possibility of infiltration of the facility. One of our contacts has information regarding the proposed plan.” informed the Chairman.

“Great, this is just great. We have spent millions of dollars funding this project. How are we to recoup our investment?  Is there anything there that can be connected to us personally to the facility or us as a whole?” asked a man at the end of the table who was very agitated.

“Mr. Four please control yourself,” said the chairman with a note of distain. The other members of the Committee looked towards the man that had been chastised. “To answer your questions Mr. Four, yes, there are items that could be connected to the Committee and our other projects in China and around the world. Those items are mainly electronic in nature, e-mails, video mails, and other files. Those can be easily remedied. Now for the hardware other pieces of equipment, they were all bought through a myriad of dummy corporations. As for our investment, all we will need to do is to raise our prices a few cents and in a matter of weeks we will recoup any loses that we may have incurred.”

A man seated at the end of the table raise his hand. “Yes Mr. Eight,” the chairman fielded another question.

“Sir, what is being done about these marines being sent in to investigate? What steps are we taking to protect ourselves from discovery?  Does our Chinese general and other partners know about the marines mission?”

“I am glad you asked, Mr. Eight. I have taken steps to neutralize the marines. I have sent word to the security force about the marines and have ordered a few more men in as a precaution to help out if needed. This will put the security force at four hundred men. All the experts that are being held project seventeen and their findings are being sent to the site of project eighteen with the sole exception of one team. All computers are having their data disks removed and all paper documents are being shredded and then burned. As for the General, I have suspected for some time that he was skimming from the profits; one of my moles in the General’s staff confirmed this two weeks ago.  I am making plans to neutralize him as well.”

The Chairman had three people at the project site on his payroll. One was one of the workers that took the artifacts and input the finds data into the computer system directly from the Porters inventory notes.

Another worked in the accounts receivable department. The last one was one of the drivers for the base personnel.

“Do you think it wise to kill the general; he may have some use to us at a future   date?” asked Mr. Five.

“I do, I have received reports that the man in coming unhinged and has started to attract the attention of his superiors in the Chinese army and their government. This cannot happen, do not forget that we want the U.S. and her allies to win this war. We also want China to be split apart that way we will be in a position to take full advantage of the new markets that will be opened up to us. All those resources will be there for our taking. Does anyone else have any other questions?  None?  Good.  Now does anyone have anything that they wish to report and make public?” asked the Chairman.

Mr. Eight raised his hand again.

“Yes Mr. Eight.”

“Sir,” he said as he typed a few commands on the key board embedded in the table in front of him. “Field testing in region one, area five is done.” A holographic map of China appeared floating above the table. “The field testing shows that area five lies next to a large oil deposit. Testing of area six will start in two days and should be complete in four weeks. I can have the results and figures of area five sent to everybody later today.”

“Thank you Mr. Eight.” said the Chairman. “As for discoveries, our archaeological experts believe that the main burial site lies closer to the sea. Through review of historical documents and archaeological evidence we believe we will need to conduct our search elsewhere.  Additionally, our experts think that they have found something amazing about three miles to the north west of the facility. What it is they do not know, all they do know is it is large and metallic. They are preparing to excavate as we speak.”

“Mr. Chairman?”

“Yes Mr. Four.”

“I have something new to add?  I believe that we have a very unique opportunity. It appears that Scorpion Arms will be losing its most valuable contract with the U.S. Army for production of the Arrow 6 missile system. This should drive down the cost of its stock; we should buy up as much of it as we can when the news is released next week.” He held up his hands to forestall any comments. “My sources tell me that they will be getting a new contract in less than two weeks supplying the U.S. Navy and the British Navy and Air force with an upgraded missile system for their aircrafts.”

The Chairman nodded.  Other questions regarding the Scorpion Arms deal arose and the members discussed other points of business.  It was not often that they all met, but when they did they took advantage of the circumstances.  The meeting lasted another two hours. At the conclusion, all the members gathered their personal belongings and left the building, escorted in private vehicles to J.F.K. and LaGuardia airports. After the committee meeting Mr. Four, like the rest, made his way down to the lobby of the office building where his driver awaited his return. In forty-five minutes he was seated in his private jet heading back to Detroit, Michigan.

Mr. Four was seated on the jet, thinking to himself, that fool, the Chairman, will get us all caught and sent to prison. Mr. Four thought that the Chairman was careless at times; thinking that he was so above the laws that he couldn’t get caught.  Mr. Four knew that the Chairman wasn’t the only one with contacts at our China site alpha. He opened his brief case and removed his laptop computer. He had many years ago setup a private and secure profile for sending and receiving of sensitive emails to and from his various contacts. He was in the process of typing up an email to one such contact that worked for the Chinese General, warning him of the impending clandestine Marine lead mission, and the plot to kill the General.  He told his contact that he should inform the General, when his cell phone chirped.

“Yes.” he answered distractedly.

“How was your meeting honey?” asked his wife.

“The meeting was just fine sweetie, just fine.” He answered as he hit the send button.

“Will you be back today?”  his wife inquired.

“Honey, I’m on my way back now. I’ll even be home for dinner.” Mr. Four said, knowing his wife would be thrilled at this prospect.  It was rare that he had such time, but with the meeting called at the last minute and as the meeting broke late, it just didn’t make sense going back to the office.  Plus, as the president of a leading auto manufacturer, he could decide when he was returning to work.

Within minutes of hitting the send button, Mr. Four’s contact Mr. Qui Cho, heard the computer beep, indicating that he had mail. Qui calmly looked up at the screen to see that he indeed have a new email. He calmly opened the email and ran the encryption program. The email contained only 4 lines.


U.S. Marines have discovered the project’s location.

They are coming to investigate.

The Chairman has also sent 2 men to kill the General.

Quietly warn him of these facts.


Qui’s blood froze and he quickly deleted the email. Qui shakily made his way around to the other side of the building to the General’s office. The General’s aid was not at his desk so Qui knocked directly on the General’s door. The door quickly opened with several squeaks and creaks, it opened from the inside by the General’s aid that was just leaving as Qui knocked.

Qui cleared his throat. “I was wondering if the most honorable General would have a few minutes to discuss some matters of great importance that have just come in to light.”

The General heard the key phrase and asked Mr. Cho to come in and dismissed his aid.  When they were certain that the aid to the General was sufficiently out of earshot, Mr. Cho explained the nature of the email and who had sent it.  Mr. Cho had finished his explanation and was dismissed by the General who thanked him profusely. The General quickly picked up his phone and dialed a number and spoke a dialect of Mongolian rapidly and loudly into the handset. The General was issuing orders to mobilize the local garrison of troops that were under his command. A total of one thousand troops, four platoons of tanks and three platoons of artillery. When he had finished with his call he smiled to himself as he thought that he and his men will slaughter these damned marine invaders.

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