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First let me again thank you all for coming and reading this blog. I realized that it is still under construction and all. I am still learning how to do things within this wonderful site.

I just spent a week at Disney World with my Wife, both my kids and my parents. My parents have had their curse come through concerning that my children are just like me. May the world forgive me for this. We had a wonderful time, with a few exceptions where there was some headbutting. In all it was a great time and I am willing to do it again with a few exceptions. A bigger room with more than one bathroom and showerheads that don’t restrict the water flow to something slightly more than a dribble.


We crisscrossed Magic Kingdom going from ride to ride, event to event, dragging my parents behind us. I love my parents very much but when did they get old, seriously when? My son and I looked for hidden Mickeys and had to explain this game to my father as we traversed the park. The one ride we did time after time was the Buzz Lightyear one. I set the highscore for the rest of the family to beat  984,700. My son was crushed as he was in control of the which way we were to spin while on the ride. he only managed to 231,300 points.


So now we are home and unpacked, the wife and I are looking forward to the start of school next month. I have to really start working with my little girl and the potty if she is to go to preschool.

Keep reading the blog I will be posting more adventures of Diesel and his merry band of mayham makers in the next few days.



  1. fireballdet5 says:

    Today, I awoke to findout that one of the American Embassies in the middle east as over ran , and in in another embassy the man in charge along with three others were killed. Now as a Marine I find this very maddening. First, when I was an active duty Marine that would never have happened. The embassy grounds would have been covered with the blood and guts of every man, woman or child trying to get in and kill Americans. Yes I am a SOB, as a marine my duty is to my God, country and corps. part of my counrty is the people. everyone else takes a distant second.

    Now I have a few questions, the first, how ordered the Marines not to fire on the people as they came over the wall? Second, why did the local cops of the country not do a damn thing to stop the people? Three, how did the mob find our people at the secure site? Fourth, when is America going to grow their theeth and claws back and stop pussyfooting around with these ass hat wearing douche canoes?

    Peace through superior firepower, and the liberal use of it to teach the local nuts not to screw with us.

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